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Part 2 : Analysis & Case Study

"From Part 1, the subjective reactions and descriptions of the study site vary widely. It follows that this variety of descriptions hint at a level of uncertainty over the precise condition of place. There is an established vocabulary for the description of these landscape types. Is this adequate or valid? The aim of this 'Analysis' part of the program is to investigate the sites in a more analytical and objective manner."

"Teams of five, comprised of architects and planners, will identify specific aspects of the sites and produce analytical material which assesses the character of academic space, associated economic space and the linking terrain."

Group 1 : Study Area : University of Salford & surroundings.
Planners : Elaine Walsh, Jamie Anderson
Architects : Leng Heng, Nick Smith, Steve Smith
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The social, economic, cultural and physical characteristics of the site. Includes background research and map based work.

The conclusions of the process. See what form can be utilized to express the characteristics of the site

Nominal Study Area
The University of Salford
Peel Park
The technical college
Recreation ground