visulisation of the complete HQI Housing Scheme
visulisation of the mall hall
visulisation of the mall hall

We are proud to announce that (to the best of our knowledge) are unique in the UK in being able provide you with a perfect housing development.

No such thing as a perfect home? Well you may be surprised to hear that, according to the governments Housing Corporation, a perfect housing development can be achieved by following the guidelines of their Housing Quality Indicators. To quote the HQI web site:

"The Housing Quality Indicator (HQI) system is a measurement and assessment tool designed to allow all potential or existing housing schemes to be evaluated on the basis of quality rather than simply of cost."

The system has three basic assessment categories: location, design and performance. These factors are measured by answering a laborious questionnaire about the scheme and entering the results into an excel spreadsheet (which is available to download from their web site above). Scores for the 10 individual sections are then automatically collated to give an overall score for the scheme.

The average score for schemes in the UK is 55% and the maximum score achieved prior to our effort was 77% awarded to Westlea Homes for their Integer House.

By taking the assessment tool to its logical conclusion and designing a scheme from scratch to fulfil every criteria, a Perfect 100% Housing Development was eventually achieved. Sited in East Manchester, just to the north of the Commonwealth Games Stadium, the scheme goes to extreme lengths to achieve perfection. It is currently the only government certified Perfect Housing Scheme in the country, and is awaiting interest from a developer.

If you are large scale developer interested in building Perfect Homes in East Manchester, or would like to see whether Perfect Homes can be achieved on your site, please contact for further information.

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