The incubator will provide space for academic spin-off’s and liaisons with local businesses that form a key part of the Universities mid to long-term strategy. The key to the success of the incubator will be the cross-fertilization of ideas between academics and business. Therefore, by bringing the science park into the heart of the academic campus these mutually beneficial networks will be allowed to flourish to the benefit of students, tutors and entrepreneurs and workers. The physical requirements of incubator space differ from traditional office space in a number of key ways:

1. An extremely high degree of flexibility is required as businesses will grow very quickly and them perhaps leave, necessitating a quick reconfiguration of the space.

2. Permanent shared facilities, such as photocopying, secretarial and legal duties, and conference rooms must be provided.

3. Communal spaces with a high degree of visual amenity must be provided to foster interaction between various tenants and academics for the synergistic philosophy of the incubator to function.