Heritage Square

Currently, the open space to the south of the road, known as Albion Place, is severely underused. This is due to the proximity of the road which forms both a visual and physical barrier to the main part of the campus.

This situation is addressed by the scheme to bring the space back into viable use. The viewpoint tower and heritage wall complete the open side of the square, removing the intrusion of the road and creating and enclosed volume.

Within this space are consolidated the statues of Victoria and Albert removed from the north of the road during the excavation phases. These are placed in an axial arrangement with the existing war memorial and the articulated entry portico from the tower.

Existing trees are retained and linear benches are provided to enhance the formal arrangement of the space. The high quality heritage buildings around the square can now be brought back into full used and the square itself can be used for more formal University activities.

Designed to be the ideal backdrop for graduation photographs, in will also be the staring point for tours of the campus on open days. Finally, Salford has a collegiate square to be proud of, with all the prestige of the countries top Universities.