Boat House

The Salford University Boat Club currently operates out of a run down facility at Kersal, some distance away from the campus. The scheme offers to opportunity to provide them with a new boat house which will form the focus of the newly created river level.

The surface level terminates in a cascading staircase which follows the topography five stories down to the river side via a series of terraces. On the incubator level an executive meeting room enjoys river views and itís own terrace, whilst on the two levels below a restaurant/bar is created. This will be used by both workers and boaters, along with other students. The fourth level down houses the gym, an integral part of the SUBC facilities, but again, also accessible by incubator staff.

The lowest level houses the core facilities of the club, with the boat house as well as a small club office, changing rooms, kit store and rest area.

The newly created access to the river allows the possibility for new racing and training routes. The plan opposite shows a 450m course that can be used in the annual Manchester v Salford boat race, and other competitions. A longer 1km course is also indicated in blue.