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Part 4 : Heritage Mart

In order to stimulate demand for Salfords underused Heritage buildings a new publication is conceived A sister magazine to the used car catalogue Autotrader, Heritage Mart uses a similar method to allow potential users to locate a suitable heritage building in Salford.
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Heritage Mart catalogues all the listed buildings in Salford, containing a photo, a brief description of it's major attributes and current location. The magazine also contains a brief history of the building moving trend with examples from Salford and across the world. Building moving companies also place adverts in Heritage Mart, so one you've chosen a building and picked a new site, you can make some calls and get a quote.

It is prescient that Salford should be first to witness the resurgence of building moving activity, because it was here that a famous early example of building moving took place. Agecroft Hall, the former manor of Pendlebury, was a fine example of a half-timbered Tudor house. In the 1920s, after several years of dereliction, the Hall was sold at auction and bought by an American couple Mr & Mrs Williams. They had the building carefully dismantled and shipped out to their home town of Richmond, Virginia, where it stands to this day.