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Emotion to Form

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Part 1 : Emotion to Form
"Visit the site and make a presentation that explores your subjective emotional response to place. Consider memory, sensation and preconception. Extremely complex and fluid situations can be represented through symbols and metaphors. This approach to site is a rich source, providing a methodological focus to allow us to make a stance for change in a place."
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The Manchester Mug Tree Of Knowledge
The Manchester Mug Tree of Knowledge

Travelling around the 4 major universities within Greater Manchester, it becomes that they all have a great deal in common. At each I visited a shop and purchase a mug as a metaphor for the 80,000 students in the city who currently purchase education from the various university brands. Apart from the branding, the universities are essentially similar institutions, which is reflected in the similarity of the mugs. Manchester Victoria University is perhaps percieved to have a little more cache, so it seems logical it's mug has a gold rim.

The urban fabric of the city is represented by a tea towel. The university campuses are clearly distingiusable from# this urban fabric, each have a distinct 'academic' configuration of space and buildings.

The airport is also clearly distinguishable from the fabric of the city. It is perhaps not even part of the city, more a part of the globally homogenoized network of international airports. But look more closely beneath this clincal machine for transfereing passengers and some bizzare local activities can be found.

Next time you are at the airport travel up to Level 13 of the Terminal 1 building and you can visit the wonderful Aviation Shop. A mecca for plane spotters from the region this area seems very far removed from the slick concourses and junk space down below. Play I-spy, 10 points per spotter you spot.

The Aviation Shop, Level 13, Terminal 1, Manchester Airport
Spy 1
Spy 2
Spy 3
The Donkey Stone, Landside concourse, Terminal One, Manchester Airport
mini video clip of the presentation