Our friend Jason and his band formed with colleagues from the Montreal Neurological Institute held a gig at La Place a Cote in early October - it was a great night with some fabulous musicians. They are also currently favorites to win the coveted McGill Thompson House Battle of the Bands. Thereafter; world domination.

(Click the blue image below to see the video - you'll need real player)
Chris and Ruth (Steve's frere et belle-soeur) came to visit the very next day. They witnessed the fall of summer and the rise of autumn as the trees reached the peak of their colour.
We also discovered the intriguing existence of black squirrels..
Looking east from Mont-Royal Ruth and Chris are in shorts - in October!  
Squirrel watching   looking north east
the viewpoint near the top of the mountain Ruth and Rachel. (Or is that Rachel and Ruth?) I can't see any snowploughs!
  We attempt to blend in with the locals... ...by wearing red maple leaves.
Tamtam Sunday at the foot of the mountain... ..is only one of several curious activites... ...taking place here...
Don't they have computer games? Chris prefers a frisbee as his weapon of choice. It increases the element of surprise.
The Olympic tower Ferraris new test driver... ...cranks up the 2004 model at the Gilles Villeneuve circuit.
Chris and Ruth were left standing on the grid. BuckyFuller dome left over from Expo '67  
Chinese lanterns in the Botanical Gardens. MONKEY! A chinese sail boat and the Olympic Tower reflected in the water
  David Bellamy moments in the insectarium at the Botanical Gardens.  
Quebec's idea of a ferry... ...arrives safely in Oka with no engine. There's a risk of sand getting in your food in this picnic area.
National Parc d'Oka Picnic on the beach Black squirrels?!*%
The park was so quiet... ...we must have taken the geese by suprise. Goosemobile.
Chris and Ruth walk the plank..... this floating walkway leads you out from the shore, through the reeds, to a better view of the river
Steve swears it's a wood pecker. More Bellamy moments. It's moving! Another one!
Whats it like to drive Chris? (Click the image) Ruth had the feeling that someone was watching her... ...or following her...
Someone's taken his sofa? We strolled along some lovely ski trails... ...and found Chris and Ruth a retirement home.
back in the sofa   Oooh! It's just like Grand Theft Auto!
Sampling brunch smoothie at Chez-Cora Don't think he liked it. Taking the jetski for a walk.
Halloween decorations and... ...exciting staircases Steve neglected to tell us that we were being recorded while talking via webcam to his parents.
They got up to some shocking antics.... ...no - they were only joking. Phew.  
To round off the month, we spent the night before Halloween doing out pumpkin... ...but we didn't roast the gunk inside. We fooled around with tools instead!
And it turned out to be a very square-eye monster!