It was the Canadian National Soccer Championships on Sunday 9th November, and we went to watch the final at McGill. St Mary's of Darmouth NS (Go Huskies!) were beaten by Alberta (Go Bears!) 2-1 in extra time.
Smyooo Soccer? We think it's Canadian for Football. We cheered for the east coast underdogs - they were half the size of the beefy Albertans. Rachel got really good at shouting SMUUUUUUUUU!
He could play for Leeds! (So could I! And Rachel could be manager! Grrrr) This is how Canadians watch footy. Looks like that winter is nearly here...  
The game was won in the 112 minute from a corner. ...and the big Albertans went home happy. SMUUUUUUUUUooser!
On the 15th of the month we went out for a chilly bike ride in the -5 sunshine. The wind may have been icy, but the view from Pont Jaques Cartier was lovely.
With winter well on the way, it was time to shop for knitwear. Eva, Christelle and Rachel discovered an uncanny convergence of taste. (thanks for the pic Eva)
Herik, our resident Viking, declared that the last Saturday of November would be set aside for the consumption of festive Danish fare. We gathered in his long house for raw herring, steamed mushrooms and dangerous volumes of schnapps. (Thanks to Alicia for these)
To Leah's delight, Jason is generous with the porto - which seriously impairs the shove ha' penny session that erupts between courses.
Rachel's viking pig-tails are found to be fake during the final course of rice pudding. Later, in place of the traditional pillaging, we opted to play board games as it was snowing and rather chilly out.
To see hilarious video evidence of the gaming session, please head to (Alan's website). You'll need to down load the XviD codec.