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Ice Floe Dog Sleds Chilly Chien Terrace Tobogs Shingle Shaper Snow Chariot Revolving Resto Frosty Ferries Chateau Gateau
The chilly month of January saw lots of sub-zero fun, starting with Montreal's Fete des Neiges...
Which had ice sculptures... ...and -40 wind chill. The St Laurence was full of ice.
Creative snow sculptures... ....and amateur ice skating...  ...meant chilly toes to warm by the fire.
Some activities were a bit strange. The dog sled geezer was hard-core.... ...and raced around an icy circuit.
The 2004 Ideal Igloo Exhibition? Tubing on the hill... ...looked like great fun...
..but we were hungry and had some beaver tails to eat. A beaver with no tail? Off-road snow plough. No rides though...
On the 31st of the month we headed to Quebec City for the weekend with our fifth anniversary as an excuse...
And we somehow ended up in the penthouse of the Hilton, which had a wonderful view But consequently we spent a long time in the lift The Quebec winter festival had started the day before
And we watched dogs racing, ..dogs freezing... ...and dogs looking plain daft.
The St Lawrence was icy but passable. the ferries were still running. You know, apparently they race canoes across this later in the festival
On the terrace there was sledging... ...and ice kiosks selling drinks. Later we warmed up with a dip in the hotel pool.
Before dragging ourselves away from the view.. ...  ...for a meal in a revolving restaurant.
Another cool bar. Ha ha ha. Lots of skating, not by us. And some serious lumberjack attire.
With the obligatory diggers out in full force.... ..creating lovely sculptures Husky puppies
Chariots of Ice? Impromptu rollercoasters Human foosball
Bouncy trampolines Antique snowmobile Rachel on the plains of Abraham

And the view along the St Lawrence

Weekend completed with cheesecake at the... Chateau Frontenac. Er, Yum.