For the last two weeks of February, we visited the UK to catch up with family and enjoy a couple of weeks of tropical warmth...
Stop! You've gone past it! Rachel and her Dad at the Thames in Egham We spent lots of time on trains, some with ugly green bits.
Southend-On-Sea with Gran.... ...who showed us amusing old photos of Steve's dad as a boy (middle right)...  ...and great grandad too.
Next stop was Birmingham to see Grampa... ...who passed on some of his wisdom to Rach. On the set of Ghostbusters, near the Bull Ring.
Then it was on to Leeds where Steve's parents took us on a trip to Richmond... ... play in the castle... ...which was still under construction.
A Robin Redbreast. A Rachel Quickrest. Friends Simon and Pip took us for a walk on Ilkley Moor.
Simon says 'smile' Simon directs sheep. Chris Langmead at Pips house.
Was Pip shocked by... ..all the Marmite Steve bought? Next it was over the Pennines to Manchester.
Where we met Anna.... ...Oliver and Bettina's new boss. It actually snowed a tiny bit on Canal Street.
In Swinton we had a meal with Helen and.. ...Kevin, before leaving once more for the south. Dr Mike Wheeler in his office.
The weather project at Tate Modern. Surely the biggest mirror glass ceiling in the world?  The sun is made up of street lights.
The turbine hall at Tate Modern. Red Ken's new house on the Thames. Wheeler Inc. Airport Taxis HQ.