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Hurricanes Wine Tasting Breezier's Jason's Cake Duvet Pretty boy Articulate Hi Ho Snow Newsflash
Snow Digger Cold Cat Big 'Plough Snow Games Speedy Gifts Shock Gift Mini Adventure Miss Sophie '04 Sparkles
On the 10th of December it was Rachel's 28th birthday - the first white birthday she could remember!
Thanks for all those presents! A new dressing gown made it even harder to get out of bed and go to work. Especially as it was snowing outside.
The following Saturday we had a birthday party. Pyrotechnics and rum cocktails are a dangerous combination.  ...which made Rachel feel her age.
From the lab, she received a squash skirt. Which she kindly modeled for U.S.... ...on the catwalk.
Jason was Rachel's other present. And took a taste test to see if he could distinguish red from white wine. (Don't ask) He could, by the way. Sort of.
But, as ever, he had made a stupendous cake. With an amazing sugar sculpture on top. It tasted wonderful too!
Later in the evening we played daft games. Jason and Eva were particularly.. ....articulate?
Below are some more photos from the party, taken by Henrik:
 Rachel's and her colleagues went curling and now plan to enter team OwensLab into the 2006 olympics.
Later on the next day, the biggest snowfall of the winter so far began.
Light dusty snow - minus 12 Celsius. In the morning the clearing rituals began. Backup forms of transport are recommended in case you can't find your car.  
Rachel heads off to work. Rue Mont Royal Rue Garnier
I wasn't the only one filming... clearly snow is still newsworthy in Montreal. "What did you find?" - "A Car!"
School sledge. (Obligatory snowplough pic.)  
Christmas Presents! Indoor helium frisbee...?! Mini remote controlled mini.
Fabulous Christmas grub.    
After hitting the sales on Boxing Day we escaped the hordes the following day by enjoying a walk on the mountain in the sunshine.

Just before the end of the year, we made the most of the snow by going to St Sauveur to try skiing. It was Steve's first attempt, but Henrik and... Axel were rather more experienced.
So they headed off to the black double diamond runs... And Rachel and I got scared by the chair lifts. Rachel did manage to stay upright. Steve didn't.

To see out 2003 it was back to Henrik's for more sparkly cocktails. Jason was a little concerned when he saw his quota. We introduced ourselves to Henrik's new cat, Miss Sophie who is very cute and playful...
...and took a shine to Rachel's bum. Meanwhile, Alicia and Axel embarked on a digital camera battle.  
Improvised fireworks helped us see in 2004. Happy New Year! "Same procedure as last year Miss Sophie!"