All sorts of pictures of Rachel's New World A panorama of the Montreal skyline, taken from Mont Royal park Dr Rachel on the sofa, beneath a (con)temporary art instalation by smiffy Steve out on the back balcony Steve at his new job: Rachel's handyman The kitchen - except it doesn't look like this anymore because it's full of Ikea furniture now. A blurry picture of four guys in white suits at the Jazz Festival. Street lights dolled up for the Comedy Festival The main event at the Jazz Fest was a chap called King Chango. 100,000 people turned out. we went on a trip to the Bontanical Gardens... ...and took cheesy photos of each other. Rachel found a comfy tree seat. The finale of the World Fireworks Championships ended thus. We went on a canoeing adventure on Boucherville island. Okay, stop spashing the camera now... We met some other terrible drivers here. Still, at least they were colouful. More lazy canoeing. OOOOiiiiiiiiiiii SSSSSTOP rocking the boat!!!!!! Are you ever going to do any paddling??? Rachel is now a pro biker, and cycles to work every day. This was on a trip to the botanical gardens. Another lovely picnic in the park. A cruise ship docked near the old port Steve and Eva enjoy Mark & Kumi's Party on the roof top. Rachel, Anna and Eva. Can hardly supress their grins Rachel often gets mistaken for a bona fide francaphone Montrealer these days. She's got blending in licked. The blue tongue. A sure sign of a born and bred Quebecer Steve's Birthday cake made by JasonUberChef Steve is stunned by the cake, but the glazed eyes are due to evil Danish booze. Trevor thinks Eva has had too much cake Rosey cheeked Rach discusses the price of shoes with Simone Kumi, Mark, Henrik, and Eva watch Trevor make a cute heart shape with his hands The day after the party we went to Giamal and Sylvie's for a BBQ  ...time for birthday cake two - thanks Giamal and Sylvie! Steve is overwhelmed again Giamal's (and rachel's previous) lab enjoy the sumptious BBQ Giamal's (and rachel's previous) lab enjoy the sumptious BBQ