Greetings from our day trip to the nations capital I'm Malcolm the Mountie, and I always get my can. Canada's Parliament Tower. Ottawa was a fishing village before Queen Vic decided it would be a nice place for a capital Rachel and Eva discuss weighty political issues in the house of commons Hey, we're tourists alright! Give us a break! I think she's making steve a bit nervous... ....better give him a wee sip of tea. That's better luv. The flight of locks that rise next to Paliament Hill We did culcha stuff to, init. Look, here's some of that art stuff. This church was rescued and reconstructed inside the art gallery. Terribly pretty. This is the view back over to parliament hill from Hull, which is in Quebec. The building in the foreground is the excellent Canadian Museum of Civilization. At the museum we saw Canada's most prolific same-sex couple celebrating the birth of their second set of sextuplets...or something.