Here's some pics from our weekend trip to New York from 13-15 September 2002 We crawled off the overnight bus from Montreal and headed out on the Staten Island ferry to eat some breakfast The bright early morning sunshine was dazzling as we moved away from Manhattan What a great commute. The ferry passed this pretty statue The ferry terminal is to the left None of us can wait to get there A pretty sail boat passes by. Using its motor. New York Stock Exchange with extra tight security. They've even tried to hide it in a big flag. Another sighting of that rare flag. The buildings look stunning in the low morning sunlight Ground Zero A fireman recites a list of names The World Trade Center cross A few surrounding buildings are still being repaired We took the metro to Brooklyn and walked back over the fabulous bridge. The view of Manhattan is stunning And the bridge looks pretty good too Radio City in the Rockefeller Center, very close to our hotel. A mouldy skyscraper on fifth ave. We paused for a picnic and a snooze in Central Park, the city's sanity maintenance zone. Frank Lloyd Wrights Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, opened in 1959 An architectural icon if ever I saw one. The interior is a revelation. A simply stunning building. The galleries spiral steadily upwards towards the skylight We took the elevator to the top, then walked down- cunning, huh? A sexy blue boutique on Madison Ave Our hotel was just around the corner from Times Square, which is my excuse for taking too many photos. Here people are queueing for cut price Broadway tickets An advert made of Lego. Times Square ToyRus has a full size ferris wheel. I want one. The assault on the senses intensifies as night falls Beer and noodles anyone? Behold, a neon lovers paradise. The Toyrus giraffe surveys the capitalist savana Rachel eats a Bounty. Our consumerist appetites whetted, the next day we go shopping. This is Little Italy. I still can't belive we paid a dollar to see a baby shetland pony. Rachel gets herself a tattoo. (Don't worry Mike and Ann, it's only henna) Didn't know it was made from multi coloured dog bones... The iron canyons of Soho, studded with ultra trendy boutiques and restaurants. Some people apparently want the Twin Towers replaced yesterday, at least twice the size. What a very sensible plan. The next day we were back on the culture trail, but the whole of the east side of Manhattan was closed off as intellectual hero George W addressed the UN But at least the policeman let me take a picture. Grand Central Terminal. Another wonderful building. The Museum of Modern Art is closed until 2005 while they build a swanky new home. Meanwhile they have this temporary outpost in Queens The building has been converted from an old factory So Richard Serra's work is very apt (he made the metal stuff in the picture-R). Glad he's propping it up though. Lots of iconic paintings... .. and a room full of brum-brums. Probably the most beautiful car ever made, the Cistalia 202 GT by Pinin Farina. Also over in Queens is PS1, a cutting edge modern art laboratory The courtyard was occupied by this tubey installation Which was the result of a competition for Young Architects run by PS1 It was inspired by the Mexico-related exhibits currently showing inside Hence the Luis Barragan inspired pools Best use of plastic plumbing pipes I've ever seen. Too cold for the jacuzzie though. Inside the gallery there was some ropey art You can go an awful long way on the metro these days. Before catching the bus home again we spent our last evening up the Empire State Building. Which had no queues because it was raining But the view was still worth seeing Don't look down! That gum is disgusting! Rachel phones to tell her parents And talks for so long it gets dark and mysterious outside. A wonderful city. Can you spot Times Square?