Welcome to some pictures of buildings in Montreal, taken by steve. Scary guy. Click to mail. The American Pavillion for the 1967 World Expo by Buckminster Fuller The 1972 Olympic Stadium decked out in Quebec Day flags Another view of the 'Big O' The famous pre-fabricated housing experiment Habitat 67 designed for the 1967 World Expo Surely Montreal's best building - a derelict grain silo near the old town Detail of the Silo. Big. At the far end of the Silo is this rusting beauty. Gorgeous. Detail of the rusty panels. Great sign above a warehouse in the old docks We got this great view of downtown from our canoes - but out paddling wasn't coordinated enough to get that far... Rachel's view of the city on the way to work This supermarket, 10 minutes away on the cycle path, is housed in an old railway shed This is what it looks like inside now... ...and what it probably looked like before. (this is the one next door that is still empty) The inside of Basilica Notre Dame in Vieux Montreal I discovered that one of the grain silos downtown has a road through it.... A lighthouse on Boucherville Island The stadium tower from the nearby park Cranes at the docks down at east island Montreal's casino on Ile Notre Dame was originally the French pavillion during the '67 Expo It has lots of flags around the top The casino was so sucessful it soon extended into this bronze wonder, originally the Quebec pavillion